Neu Blume is a twang-tinged indie folk group from Detroit led by Mo Neuharth and Colson Miller. Sharing an air-tight musical bond, the duo push artful songwriting to the forefront of a lively, raw soundscape. Sweet yet dissonant, moody and nostalgic, their melody-driven songs are layered with warm textures, classic harmonies, and introspective lyricism.

Their sound began as an extension of Desire (Nanami Ozone, 2016), a jangly group of genre-overlapping songs and the first record they made together as original members of the group. Now, the two settle into a more intimate and mature sound, largely influenced by the life they live as midwestern transplants in Detroit, while still employing the spaciousness and warmth of the west, where both were born and raised (in Phoenix, Arizona).

They self-released and recorded their debut record, Softer Vessel, in September 2022. Their first LP, Let It Win (awaiting release date), was recorded at Oracle Recording Studio and in October 2023. Neu Blume performs around the US with a rotating group of talented musical friends from Detroit and Phoenix, and have recently played alongside acts like Rose City Band, Bonny Doon, Shana Cleveland, and Squirrel Flower.

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The duo met in 2011 in Tempe, Arizona where they both lived, attended college, and had projects in the local music scene. Neuharth played alongside Michelle Blades and formed the minimalist punk band North Dakota,  then moved on to start the surf/proto-punk group Numb Bats as Blades moved overseas to pursue a solo career. During this time, Miller was leading the fuzzy rock group The Thin Bloods, the two bands often ending up on the same bill.

In 2015, Neuharth and Miller joined to form Nanami Ozone with Sophie Opich (Numb Bats) and Chris Gerber (Petty Things) while living together in downtown Phoenix. Their debut album Desire (2016), a cheeky medley of down-to-earth pop songs, was extremely well-received despite being written and recorded in a very short period of time. Mo left the band to relocate to Detroit just a year later. Nanami then signed with Tiny Engines to release their next full-length, NO (2019), now with a more intentional, lush-toned, shoegaze sound. The band completed several US tours, the last one alongside Chastity Belt.

In 2019, Colson brought an 8-track recorder and a couple microphones to Detroit while visiting Mo and they decided to start a new project. for the next 3 years, they wrote and self-recorded Softer Vessel, the debut mini album, which was released in September 2022. 

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